In the area of ​​accounting, I am specially interested in topics the intersection of corporate governance, financial reporting and financial audit. In the area of management I specialize in topics related to knowledge management and intellectual capital. Additionally my expertise relates to management of public sector organisations with the special attention to performance management systems in the higher education institutions.

In the area of ​​corporate governance, I am particularly interested in issues concerning diversity of corporate boards. The recent research project deals specifically with the phenomenon of gender diversity on supervisory boards and audit committees. In particular, I examined whether the diversity of supervisory boards including the participation of women, affects the effectiveness of Polish companies measured in financial and non-financial terms.

I have been involved in designing intellectual capital measurement and reporting systems. I have experience in managing knowledge and intellectual capital in higher education sector. Presently, I focus my attention to research on performance and evaluation in higher education, in particular I analyse how external (e.g. accreditations and regulations) and internal factors influence the development of those systems.

I currently serve as a Ph.D. program director and the head of the Department of Accounting at Kozminski University. In the past I served as a Vice-Rctor for Research and International Development of Kozminski University.